Sulphate solvents

Sulphate solvents

Battery regenerator - Sulphate solver, non-sulphonate

80% of the batteries can be saved with this device. The equipment removes the lead plates from improper use. secondary sulfates from storage and convert it back to the active part of the battery (eg water). It is worth every year to carry out the procedure on the batteries - especially before the winter months. If you use this device to charge your battery, it may increase its life expectancy by 2-3 years.

Result of treatment:

  • Higher acid density;
  • Higher terminal voltage;
  • The cold start current is much higher;
  • Greater capacity.

User's Guide "

Service trip: the battery can be fully charged at the service in parallel with the review, especially in winter, with a DELUXE. The battery's cold-tolerant capacity will be better, more secure and more car-free throughout the winter. In a well-equipped workshop, you can measure battery parameters before and after treatment. Resuscitation of the old, weak battery is generally possible, the result can be measured.

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