NAVY battery pack

NAVY battery pack
NAVY battery pack
NAVY battery pack
NAVY battery pack
NAVY battery pack
NAVY battery pack


  • Battery type: lithium ionrated
  • Voltage: 46.8 V
  • Capacity: 65 Ah
  • Stored energy: 3042 Wh
  • Discharge current: max. 80 A
  • Charging voltage: 54.6
  • Battery switch-off voltage: 39 V
  • Ambient temperature for charging: 0 ~ 40 ° C
  • Ambient temperature for discharging: -20 to ~ 65 ° C
  • Size: 594 × 209 × 283 mm
  • Weight: 31.5 kg
  • Number of cells: 312 pcs
  • Cell switching: 13S24P
  • The ship battery can be expanded further according to 1S8P, ie eight packs can be connected in parallel
  • Degree of protection: IP67
  • Number of charge cycles (up to 80% remaining capacity): 500 cycles
  • Enegry density per mass: 110 Wh / kg
  • Energy density versus volume: 90 Wh /


The ship battery is made of lithium-ion cells and therefore the battery is part of battery monitoring (BMS).

The "BMS" function of all battery cells is responsible not only for the calculation of battery charge (SOC), but also to protect the battery against overcharging, deep discharge, overheating and short-circuiting.

When the battery pack power switch is turned off, the battery becomes self-discharge and the storage capacity is extended.

The battery pack has two communication ports. One is used to transmit battery status, which can be read on the NAVY engine's LCD and the other for communicating with other connected batteries.

Due to the physical and thermal protection of battery cells, the battery case is a high-strength extruded aluminum.

Generally, a battery is required for NAVY 3.0 and two are required for NAVY 6.0 simultaneously.

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