Electrical boat engine - NAVY 3.0, 6 HP 48 V, handrail, trieb length: 775 mm (L)

 Electrical boat engine - NAVY 3.0, 6 HP 48 V, handrail, trieb length: 775 mm (L)
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6 HP electric boat motor with lithium battery.



  • Power input: 1 kW
  • Compared to a petrol engine (propulsion): 3 hp
  • Rated voltage: 48 V
  • Current: 63 A
  • Average efficiency: 55%
  • Maximum propeller speed: 1800 rpm
  • Standard propeller diameter: 320 mm
  • Weight (with battery): 57.3 / 58.8
  • Weight (without battery): 26.8 / 27.3 kg
  • Shorter length: 650/774 mm
  • Battery: 3042 Wh NAVY battery
  • Battery weight: 31.5 kg
  • Battery size: 594 x 209 x 283 mm
  • Battery lifetime (up to 80% remaining capacity): 500 cycles

The remote control and steering wheel control is intelligent and has the following safety features. The remote control and the steering column also have solar power that provides a constant solar power to the lithium battery at sunny days. NAVY has an integrated GPS module that indicates the basic travel information on the LCD display.

Secure the safety strap to your wrist or waistcoat. In case of an emergency, it can easily be released from the controller.

The integrated display provides continuous live feedback on travel including remaining battery capacity, real-time speed and performance, etc.

The high-quality brushless DC motor is located in the lower aluminum holder. Inverted design effectively eliminates noise and avoids maintenance costs than in conventional gearboxes. Built-in motor protection slows down / stops the engine in case of an accident when an undercover negotiator collides.

All connectors and components conform to the IP67 certification so that NAVY's operation will not be affected if accidentally immersed in the water.

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