Spirit 1.0

Spirit 1.0
Spirit 1.0
Spirit 1.0
Spirit 1.0
Spirit 1.0
Spirit 1.0
Spirit 1.0
Spirit 1.0
Spirit 1.0
Spirit 1.0
Spirit 1.0
Spirit 1.0
Spirit 1.0
Spirit 1.0
Spirit 1.0
Spirit 1.0
Spirit 1.0
Spirit 1.0
Spirit 1.0
Spirit 1.0

Spirit 1.0

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3 LE electric outboard motor, boat engine with lithium battery

Question about the product


  • Input Power (from battery): 1 kW
  • Comparable ICE Outboards (propulsive power): 3 HP
  • Comparable ICE Outboards (thrust power): 4 HP
  • Static Thrust: 66 lbs
  • Nominal Voltage: 40,7 V
  • Amperage: 24,6 A
  • Max Overall Efficiency: 50%
  • Max propeller speed: 1200 rpm
  • Standard propeller diameter: 280 mm
  • Shaft length: S: 625mm / 24.8in; L: 750mm / 29.5in
  • Trim Device: 4 Steps ( 0°, 7°, 14°, 21°)
  • Tiller/Remote Control: with multifunctional screen and safety switch
  • Weight (Including Battery): S: 18.6kg / 41lbs; L: 18.9kg / 41.6lbs
  • Weight (Without Battery): S: 9.8kg / 21.5lbs; L: 10.0kg / 22.1lbs
  • Battery: 1018 Wh Lithium Polymer
  • Weight of Battery: 8.8kg / 19.5lbs
  • Battery Size: 416mm x 275mm x 202mm; 16.37in x 10.82in x 7.95in
  • Battery Charge Time (Empty to Full): Standard charger: 5.1hrs; Fast charger: 2.2hrs 
  • Cycle life (to 80% of Rated Capacity): >500 cycles, if the battery reaches this amount of cycle it can be used too, but the range would be shorter

This 1kW and 100%  waterproof electric outboard engine is in a pair with a 3HP gasoline outboard engine in power. With the built-in big capacity, 1000 Wh Li-po battery, the Spirit 1.0 can drive our boat to 59,5 km length. The easily detachable battery pack and the collapsible steering wheel makes the transportation.


The integrated LCD display provides plenty of information on battery condition (voltage and battery level, etc.). Compared to a Complex internal combustion engine BLDC (Brushless DC) engine does not require or requires little maintenance and very easy to use.


The battery pack is placed on top of the engine, which is extremely practical and saves space. With two moves, the battery pack is easy to replace. This 3 HP engine is only 10.4 kg. Thanks to its portable design, the motor and the battery are separate but can be carried at the same time.

The system is IP67-protected, so SPIRIT is still operational if it is immersed in water.


Speed, Range and Operating Time*

*Guiding values, depending on the shape and weight of the ship, its load and the weather conditions.

low speed (3.7 km / h) at approx. 74 km is the range and 20 hours of operating time
medium speed (5.5 km / h) at approx. 38 km is the range and 7 hours of operating time
maximum speed (9.2 km / h) at approx. 9.2 km is the range and 1 hour of operating time

Our Greek colleague is thus assembling Spirit 1.0:

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